broken spring repair

A broken spring or imbalanced torsion spring is a big risk as it may cause damages or injuries to self, workers at the garage or even your family members especially the kids. To avoid such damages, injuries and losses, it is always advisable to attend to any broken spring as fast as it is detected. Before leaving the garage, it is important to check for any notable defects with torsion spring to prevent such injuries and damages. Simple and free maintenance practices like oiling the spring to prevent rusting can go a long way in inhibiting the torsion from breaking. The spring has a set lifespan and it can break due to wear and tear from normal use. To avoid premature breaking, it is advisable to avoid unnecessary opening and closing of the garage door and prevent the kids from playing with the door. During new door installation some contractors use weak springs to save money. Such weak springs will break prematurely due to overloading. Always ensure that the spring used is strong enough to support the garage door. You can use two springs to share the door weight if one is not strong enough. Laurel Hollow garage door repair technicians will help you fix your broken spring within minutes. Contact us today and we will ensure that your garage is safe to work in and for your car all the times.